Monthly Parking Using ParkChirp

January 14, 2021

Monthly Parking Using ParkChirp

We have recently been seeing an increased need for monthly parking options at garages and lots. This recent trend is due to the steady decline of the amount of people utilizing public transportation. Recent data from Metra shows that passenger trips on all of their Chicagoland rail lines are down nearly 92% from November 2019. Revenue is down not only from the decrease in passenger trips, but also because there are no riders paying parking fees to park at the suburban train station lots. Considering the current pandemic, many commuters are choosing to drive into their workplace and avoid highly congested areas like busses and trains. As a result, many train station lots are currently being left high and dry.

Here at ParkChirp, we are constantly adding new monthly parking options each day to accommodate this increased need. You can sign up and pay for your first month directly through us! You can even chose your start date in advance. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and can begin parking ASAP. Each location has specific rules on monthly parking, so make sure you read the details of each before you make your selection.

Check out the cities below to view available monthly parking options that we currently offer in each!

If you have any questions about monthly parking through ParkChirp, feel free to reach out to We are happy to help!